HostedBDR is here to be your Data Protection Partner. We provide you the ability to extend your infrastructure on the fly without having to incur the upfront cost of hardware acquisition and design, for a simple upfront cost.

Are your backups running? Would you benefit by having a duplicate copy offsite? Perhaps you are looking for the opportunity to take advantage of cloud services for your Data Protection needs? Perhaps you simply need an offsite virtual machine running so that if something happens to your primary facility users can still access network resources?

HostedBDR is well versed in what Data Protection options are available in the market. We either support, implement, or administer most DP solutions on the market today. Whether you’re looking to implement a new solution, or need to discuss your current DP situation, we’d be happy to service you and your Data Protection needs.

We currently keep AppAssure, vRanger, Rapid Recovery, StorageCraft, and Veeam servers available for lease. We either have or will provide a number of other products as well to accommodate your needs. Contact us today see how we can help you meet your Data Protection needs.